20190709 How I Write Poems and Songs

It starts with a date
Always with the date
The year
Then the month
And day
Like that

And then I stare at my hands for a while
And resist the urge to write about my hands
Though my hands are amazing
As are most kind hands
And I’d be lost without them

There are times
When I have been laboring
Or even playing guitar
For extended periods of time
And suddenly my fingers just curl into fists
Like a pair of upturned spiders on a window ledge in the least-used room in the house
The fingers refuse to open
The arms refuse to work in solidarity with the fingers
And although I know it is just fatigue
In the back of my mind I fear the sudden onset of some debilitating disease
That takes hands away from people


I resist the urge to write about my hands
And let the words flow onto the page
Whichever words happen
And I generally love them
At the end of the process
I look at the whole work
Then scroll back to the top of the page to add the title
“How I Write Poems and Songs”

(c) 2019 Brian Berlin

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