Bee and Me

Not only should we always be on the lookout for unique opportunities to create art, we should also think about ways to turn disadvantages and problems to our advantage.

Consider this following image captured with an iPhone (6+).

Photograph of the full length of a honey bee between the artist's index finger and thumb
(c) 2019 Brian Berlin

This picture turned out so well and it is mostly due to trouble I was having taking it. The bee had landed on the outside of a glass door that I was about to go through. Thinking it would make a good picture I took out my phone. However, because the bee is so small, the camera autofocused on the background and the bee was blurry. After a number of attempts to get the focus on the bee, I put my hand in the frame JUST to get the focus on the bee. But when I’d remove my hand, focus went back to the background. Then it occurred to me to make my hand a part of the picture. And there you have it! So try to 1. embrace the limitations of your tools (iPhone, autofocus) and 2. look for opportunities to turn these limitations and challenges into a greater work of art.

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