Disrecursivism 1

Best enjoyed with headphones or in a quiet stereophonic environment. This piece was captured by my wife, Michele, as I was improvising on the piano. Note: ALWAYS record your improvisations and work every time. This piece consists of the primary recorded improvisation accompanied by the same piece played backwards. The backwards ground has some stereophonic effect that generally takes about a minute to cycle, so it’s not jarring but creates the impression of movement. Michele recorded this on her iPhone as she sat on the sofa working on other things. You’ll hear her shuffle papers and things. I’ve come to love these sounds and would not wish them out of this piece. Both the forward and reversed versions line up on a sound that she made about midway through. The title came from a discussion my children and I were having about the word DISCURSIVE. My son, David, jokingly asserted that it meant to write something nasty about someone (dis them) in cursive. We all had a laugh. While not exactly recursive in the strictest definition of the word, it felt right since the piece was being played forward at the same time it is being rewound, so to speak. Disrecursivism 2, on SoundCloud, is the same piece without the stereophonic effect of the background. It makes the background a little more pronounced in noisier and/or non-stereophonic venues. Enjoy.

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