Little Things and a Big Thing

Below is a keyboard improvisation I recorded earlier this evening.

In this piece, I hope you can allow your mind to create mental pictures to accompany the music. Whatever you envision, is correct! I'd love to hear what you envisioned in the comments to this.

If you'd like to do this, don't read any further until you've had your first listen. I'll share my imagined thoughts below.

What I imagine:

The title implies that there are little things and a big thing. The specific things that I imagined were all the robots aboard the fictitious space ship USS CYGNUS from the movie The Black Hole. The little things were the cute robots like V.I.N.C.E.N.T and B.O.B. and all the other little robots and droids and A.I. personalities in the ship's computer systems. The big thing is, of course, the sinister-looking robot Maximilian along with the faceless drones. I envisioned a run-of-the-mill day aboard the CYGNUS with the little robots simultaneously avoiding and playing around the other robots and eventually trying to teach Maximilian how to sing. Maximilian is represented by the augmented octave C3/B2. Enjoy!

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