Presenting the cast of characters in the 2020 season of Mr. Berlin's Enchanted Puppet Theatre. Live, in-person shows are probably not going to happen this season due to COVID-19. But look for them on YouTube!

Mortimer Blue

Mortimer Blue is the master of ceremonies. He was never able to make a living acting. What he lacks in talent, he more than makes up for in confidence and pride. Motivations include shame and feelings of inadequacy.

Gretchen "Gretch" Meadows

Gretchen Meadows is a seasoned television and B-movie actress who never turns down a role. After all, a gig is a gig. But she never achieved the stardom she'd hoped for her entire life. Her spiritual nature and sage advice endear her to others. Motivation includes nostalgia.

Randall Haskell

Radall Haskell is a rascal. He is self-centered, manipulative, and motivated by greed and vanity.


Cat's former owner called him Gideon. But Cat never answered it. Cat is not necessarily evil or wrathful as he may seem at first. Rather, he is an agent of chaos.

Oriana Hart

Ms. Oriana Hart is a single mother who is raising her seventeen-year-old son, Johnny. Her motivation is ambition.

Johnny Hart

Johnny Hart is Oriana's son and Reyna's boyfriend. He desperately wants respect.

Reyna Umarov
Luci's Daughter
Johnny's Girlfriend

Reyna Umarov is Luci's daughter and Johnny's girlfriend. Her motivation is love... or is it lust?

Luciano "Luci" Umarov

Luciano Umarov is Reyna's father and was a physician in the old country. This means nothing in America and he tries to earn a living any way he can. He is very knowledgeable. This knowledge manifests itself most often as fear, his primary motivating factor.


Frog is an extrovert and Toad's best friend. He is motivated by friendship and a sense of adventure.


Toad is an introvert and Frog's best friend. Toad is motivated by sloth and anxiety.