Shortly after sunrise, the master surveyed the assembly of hopefuls.
"Raise your hand," he said, "if you truly want to be a puppeteer."
Each person there raised a hand.
The master smiled and said, "I'll be back at dusk, " then turned and walked away.

Brian Berlin 2019

Puppet-Object Art Shows

Current production (in development):

Jesus and Black Jesus

A comedic examination of contemporary social issues through the eye and experiences of two retired men with too much time on their hands.

I am currently seeking sponsorship and a venue for this show.

Commercial Advertising

Have your business stand out from the massed-produced over-crowded television field with original puppet-object commercial spots.


Contact me about what you have in mind.

Family Puppet Shows

Mr. Berlin's Enchanted Puppet Theatre brings traditional tales and original stories to life through the use of puppetry. The portable theater features three stages for hand puppets, stick puppets, shadow puppets, and marionettes. Shows are 20-30 minutes in length.  Target audience age is 5-10 years.

The theatre can come to your school, home, festival, or other event.

Puppet Show

Theatre Space Requirements

  • Width: 12' side to side
  • Depth: 6' front to back
  • Additional Depth: 8' clearance between the stage and audience
  • Accessible 120-volt outlet is required.
  • Shadow puppetry shows have additional lighting requirements.
  • Make-and-take requires adequate seating and work surfaces for all participants.


Mr. Berlin is a member of:

Additionally, Mr. Berlin is a member of or affiliated with:

  • American String Teachers Association
  • Guitar Foundation of America
  • Guitar Initiative
  • Gulf Coast Guitar Association
  • National Association for Music Education
  • Organization of American Kodály Educators
  • Suzuki Association of the Americas
  • Texas Guitar Directors Association
  • Texas Music Educators Association