Coaching & Collaboration

Listen, sometimes there is too little or too much to focus on and we need a collaborative partner or coach. It could be for a single project or for a life's work. Whatever it is that you need artistically, I am dedicated to your success and fulfillment.

Teacher Training

Create legitimate artistic experiences for your students. I guide you in infusing Fluxus-inspired activities into your classroom. Fluxus is an international, interdisciplinary community of artists, composers, designers and poets  who engage in experimental art performances which emphasize the artistic process over the finished product.

Creative Workshops

Small or large-group professional development, in-service training, team building, clinics, and seminars unlike anything you've experienced before. Professionally-delivered didactic encounters blending theoretical, practical, philosophical, moral, and educational elements.


Dare to dream.

Important elements in artistic fulfillment are showing up, being available, recognizing opportunities, and saying YES!  Hand in hand with this is having a vision for who you want to be as an artist.  Sometimes it takes great courage to dream.  I'm going to encourage you in this and help you work toward your goals.

Hard work pays off.

Talent comes with hard work. It comes in the doing of it.  Let me help you work toward your goals and develop your talents.


Next Step...

Reach out and make contact with me.  Share your vision, goals, and dreams with me. Together we can begin laying the groundwork to turn these into reality.

There is no risk. We'll just talk. I am an artist and a professional who respects your time, privacy, and artistic vision.