I still the noise. I
douse the light. I
blank the screen. I
shut my eyes. I

hear my voice. I
free my mind. I
sound the call. I
am the light.

Copyright © 2019 Brian Berlin. All rights reserved.


the angry mob
the angry virtual mob is on the march
we’re marching after you
you said the wrong thing
or the right thing
we’re not sure

we’re coming for you
coming to crucify you in our undies 
click the spike into the right hand
click the spike into the left
from the comfort of our living room love seat
while helping Kimmy with her science fair project

we have no head
not even a pumpkin
no head to think, rethink our points of view 
just knees that jerk
to tell us what to do
and asses speaking
regurgitating and spewing undigested claim chowder
from the talking face in the box at six o’clock and again at nine
we will find you and everyone out of step and fashion
who did the same things we dare not admit we’ve done ourselves

Copyright © 2019 Brian Berlin. All rights reserved.


Berlin, B. (2020 January). The door. rez Magazine. Retrieved from https://issuu.com/rezslmagazine/docs/january_2020

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