Out of Place
Words and Music by Brian Berlin
Copyright © 2019 Brian Berlin. All rights reserved.

I want you to be ready
It’s time we should be going
You say you don’t look good enough
For the party they are throwing

You say you hate your hair now
You say it’s impossible, you say
Better go without me, heh
You’re so adorable

I finally get you out the door.
I finally get you to the car
I see my watch and wonder if they
Wonder where we are

We walk in through the front door
Our host is in the kitchen
We linger in the main room where
Everybody’s watching

Watching me and watching you
And what a pair we make
Wondering, not mentioning
Is this a mistake?

You’re deep in conversation
Nowhere for me to hide
I see your social graces
And stand fast by your side

You squeeze my hand, don’t worry
You know I want to run away
You know I feel the spotlight
On me

I always trust your judgment
An hour or two passes
Rubbing tennis elbows
With the upper classes

I want my golden statue now
My Oscar or my Tony
For acting like I fit in with
Their money, I’m a phony

Merrick had it harder
When he was on the town
I can sympathize with him
Mingling with the Crown

And you whisper in my ear, you say
You say I’m doing great
I feel I’m gonna crumble
To pieces

And they talk of politics
Sing of art and science
My calloused, work-scarred hands
Underscore my noncompliance

And they ask me my opinion
I lambaste their dominion
Look up to see
The laughter in your eyes

You step in, my deliverer
You help me to save face
I’m hot headed seeing red
Embarrassment and rage

You finally get me to the door
It’s time we should get going
You finally get me to the car
Emotions overflowing

And we drive on in silence
Your hand squeeze reassures me
I wanted to be ready
You whisper that you love me