Words and Music by Brian Berlin
Copyright © 2021 Brian Berlin. All rights reserved.

The clock says six-eleven and I’m sitting in the kitchen
I wonder, should I wake you for the third time, you’re still sleeping
Off the late night, I rise early every morning, there is music
I listen to the song to find out how to live

I’m transported back in time to the seashore, it is cloudy
And I can feel the grit under my flip floppy fourteen-year-old
Feet as they make their way toward water when a man says there’s no
Swimming for an hour ‘cause there’s lightning in the sky

I pour a cup of coffee and I set it on the counter as I
Rummage through the fridge for a quick and easy breakfast
There’s some cheddar in the drawer.
I think about my grandpa saying
Life without cheese is not a life worth living

I stayed there in the summer ‘cause my parents need their space
He has this motorcycle and I ride it at the fairground singing
All the songs I know
But wreck it in the gravel and have to push it home

It’s the same song in the kitchen.
Is it Journey?
Is it Boston?
I don’t really know the difference
My coffee’s gotten cold

The clock says six-fifty-five
We’ve got to leave by seven
Where did the morning go?
I carefully close the front door so I don’t wake you up